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NASA's Cassini finds 'plastic' on a Saturn moon

Space Probe discovers plastic object on Titan.

(SNN)NASA has reported that the Cassini spacecraft made a remarkable discovery when it found propylene plastic on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. “Today, scientific imaging instruments on Cassini discovered a geometric shaped object on the surface of Titan,” came a statement from NASA flight director Roger Wilco. “The images show that the shape is small, no larger than a six-pack of beer,” added Wilco.

It was reported that Cassini has not detected any other polymer on Titan, and that this discovery is isolated to a polar region. “It was quite accidental, advised Pearsthru Meade, an Astronomer from the University of Arkansas. “Cassini was scanning for heat signatures using CIRS, a Composite Infrared Spectrometer, when the readings spiked.”

Propylene is the first molecule to be discovered on Titan.

CIRS detects heat the same way our hands feel warmth from a fire, because every chemical has a unique thermal fingerprint. CIRS isolated traces of propylene within the lower atmosphere of the brownish moon, according to NASA.

The Sage has learned that the discovery is the first time, with certainty, scientists have identified a chemical we use to make Tupperware, car bumpers, six-pack holders and other consumer products in space.

The discovery has many in the science community baffled, as the object's shape indicates that it is not of an accidental or chaotic formation, rather a deliberate intelligent design. Some are speculating that the object may even be from a terrestrial orbit. “It does appear to be a plastic molecular composition that is manufactured,” advised a NASA spokesperson. “It is made of the same compound as a plastic container at the grocery store with the recycling code 5 on the bottom,” referring to polypropylene beer can holders, and bottles.

The discovery of the plastic has had the curious effect of making the crew, occupying the International Space Station orbiting the Earth, tight lipped.

Photo: Some rights reserved by Pictoscribe flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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