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Breaking Research! Lucky Charms Not So Lucky

No Demonstrable Difference in Good Fortune After Consumption

(SNN) - Researchers from the University of Dundee in Scotland have revealed that, after exhaustive analysis, the breakfast cereal Lucky Charms did not impart any special positive consequences for the people in a wide study group. The product, long associated with luckiness and serendipity, due to being “magically delicious”, has never actually said their product induces good fortune. However, with the leprechaun spokesman they have for the cereal, the association is unmistakable for many.

“It was an extremely rigorous test,” said study head, Professor Angus McBagpipe of the Research and Innovative Services department. “There can be no quibbling with our findings. We ran the luck simulations thousands of times.”

The experiment consisted of taking volunteers and having them go through a maze while blindfolded. The pathway was littered with banana peels. Subjects who slipped and fell were deemed to be unlucky while those who managed to make it through without falling were considered lucky. Those that fell more than once or injured themselves were listed as very unlucky.

“There was absolutely no statistical difference between the groups that consumed Lucky Charms compared to those who were fed a control substance; Generic Crisp Cereal With Tiny Colored Marshmallows,” said O’Shea. “In fact, just for fun we tested a few other breakfast cereals and found Weetabix to have a slight statistical edge.”

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