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Chung King Fling Charged by RCMP

Allegedly Passed Classified Canadian Information to China

(SNN) - The RCMP say they've got their man, Chung King Fling, they allege, was preparing to leak classified information about Canada's advanced shipbuilding program to China.

In what can only be seen as lightning fast police work, the RCMP swooped down on Fling, a Waterloo, Ontario resident as he was sitting at the Cafe 80's sipping on a Micheal Jackson Smoothie. Fling, a resident immigrant from China, worked as a refrigeration tech with the Department of Defense.

In a brief press release, the RCMP were tight lipped about the details of the case under the umbrella of National Security. However, Supt. Lou Tennant provided the following cryptic press release.

“In the interest of Canadian National Security we will not reveal any specific details,” was the opening address.“Today we arrested Chung King Fling from passing information to the Chinese Embassy regarding the Top Secret naval plans for Project Habakkuk IV. It is important to note that we got him before he was able to inform the Chinese that Canada is building a fleet of aircraft carriers made from Ice and Pykrete, where the ice is kept frozen while on open waters using refrigeration units powered by environmentally freindly solar panels. This is important for Canadians to know that the Chinese did not learn that each ship is capable of sustaining a voyage of 4000 nautical miles while on northern routes and 50 nautical miles while sailing closer to the equator while transporting 30 aircrafts and 50 ice picks." Lou Tennant added, “Our secrets are safe with the RCMP. We always get our man.”

The arrest is being hailed as a complete success by Ottawa. The Prime Minister's office could not add any more details to the RCMP press release.


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