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America's UFO Capital Invaded by Neo-Nazis

(SNN)Rachel, Nevada, is famous. Famous as the mecca for UFO enthusiasts. Rachel is a home for the Lil A'Le'Inn, a place people come to get a glimpse of the strange and the out-worldly. However, the locals, totalling fifty-four, have been invaded by the quasi-goose-steppers of America. “It all started with the loss of our only gas station,” stated one local resident who is to afraid to come out of the dark. “A mysterious dude came in and started buying up property and shutting it all down.”

“We used to have 500 people living here,” advised another local, “we are dwindling, and now an outsider, goose-stepping Nazi has taken over.” The Sage was advised that the group that have taken over are connected to a Neo-Nazi organization called “DGS Anon” (Das Goose Steppers Anonymous.) “DGS is a support group for Nazi challenged people who are addicted to all things Hitler,” advised DGS spokesperson Adolph Buckminsterfullerene. “We are here because Rachel is where many Foo-Fighters have been seen flying over. Rachel is the place where the Führer is making a second-coming, very soon.”

The Sage has learned that the DGS have claimed special knowledge that many key Nazi party members from the former Nazi Germany, with the aid of key Vatican officials, fled after the war and set up a base on the dark side of the moon using secret technology, under the leadership of the Nazi butcher, Roger Priebke. “Many don't know this but the Mid-Air Collision between two F-16's on July 10th, 1986, was caused when they were chasing a Foo-Fighter that had entered the atmosphere," stated Buckminsterfullerene.

Buckminsterfullerene. is claiming that the Führer is coming down from the sky at the call off trumpets while holding “The Spear of Destiny” and riding a white Foo-Fighter. “It is prophesied in our holy book, Mein Kampf,” concluded Buckminsterfullerene,. “He is coming.”

Whatever the reality, it appears that Rachel Nevada has been invaded by 'Nazi's from the moon' and it is best advised that tourists no longer stop at the Lil A'Le'Inn. “Hell, we don't even has a gas station anymore!” was the cry from the town's garbage man.

Photo:  Some rights reserved by jorge_cano flickr photostream, The Sage nir this article endorsed.

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