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12 Things Rob Ford Could Do to Lose His 42% Approval Rating

Nothing else has hurt him; maybe these will do the trick.

(SNN) - Despite repeated attempts to unseat the much-maligned Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford has maintained an approval rating of 42%. The Sage News hired a prominent polling company (Prominent Polling Co.) to find out just what Ford would have to do to lose that level of support. Here are the top 12 suggestions.

12. Kick puppies.
11. Punch babies
10. Kick babies holding puppies.
9. Club a seal with a spotted owl
8. Go to council meetings with a Montreal Allouettes jersey on.
7. Go to council meetings with nothing on.
6. Picket the gay parade.
5. Moon the gay parade.
4. Invite the gay parade over for drinks and a bowl or two.
3. Hire Mike Duffy as a political consultant.
2. Hire Mike Duffy as a personal trainer.
1. Numbers 10 through 2 are mere likelihoods. The only way guaranteed method of Ford reducing his approval rating, apparently, would be for him to stop trying to hold the line on taxes.

Photo by: Mary Crandall flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed

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