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Reference Publisher to Redefine the Word - "gay"

Changes to be retro in all print - historical and current

(SNN) – Citing a need to reduce confusion amongst school children and prevent persecution, English language guardians, Marian-Wellstar Publishing, is removing two sub-text definitions of the word “gay” in their lexicon. Specifically, the definitions “1a: happily excited: merry (in a gay mood) and b: keenly alive and exuberant: having or inducing high spirits (a bird's gay spring song).”

The word “gay” will now only refer to the understanding as it attests to a sexual orientation.

“It is our hope that this change will be retro-active to all the uses of the word gay in speech and print in western society,” stated MWP spokesperson, Fernando Rhondo. “In fact as a publisher, our own Concise Marian-Wellstar Encyclopaedia is undergoing the revisions and we hope to have them out for the Holiday Season.”

When pushed for how the revisions will pan-out, Rhondo stated, “One example is to find and replace the word “gay” in text to the words “fun” or “exuberant” in historical text as well as song verses.

Rhondo presented the changes in a matter-of-fact fashion by providing two examples. First is the Christmas song “Deck the Halls” the line “Don we now our gay apparel” will now be, “Don we now our fun apparel.”

“Another example could be in historical context,” added Rhondo. “The World War II bomber, the Enola Gay, will now be referred to as the Enola Fun.” Rhondo was quick to add, “The time is ripe for the changes; it had to happen.”

Rhondo pointed out that the English language is a living language and subject to change as societies evolve. “These changes will clean up English considerably, with the added benefit of making English easier to learn as a second language," concluded Rhondo.

Photo: Some rights reserved by twm1340 (US Air Force Photo) – Enola Gay at Tinnian.

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