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Justin Trudeau Eats Magic Mushrooms

'They Just Make Everything Better!'

(SNN) - Media outlets, starved for news on Canada’s political darling, Justin Trudeau, who has been muzzled by the party brass for recent widely criticized remarks, are jumping all over an admission that he recently ate “magic mushrooms”.

“I was making spaghetti for the family,” Trudeau related to a huge media scrum. “I had been down to our local market and bought these organic mushrooms that were so tasty, they were like magic. I couldn’t wait to try them in my sauce.”

The Liberal leader went on to describe how he prepared the “magic mushrooms” in the kitchen right in front of his children.

“I sautéed them with some Spanish onion until just about brown,” Trudeau admitted, “then added them to the rich tomato mix. I sparked it up with a bit of bruschetta. The mushrooms made it so yummy, my kids devoured it. I’m buying more because they just make everything better; stir fry, sauces, casseroles, omelets. The possibilities are endless!”

The media awaits further breaking developments on this or any other Trudeau news and will report any fresh information on the "Chosen One", no matter how mundane, to keep the Canadian public informed.

Photo by: Blue Tofu  flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed

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