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Actress Sues Porn Movie Company For Sexual Harassment

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(SNN) - Adult movie actress, Sadie Words, has filed suit in federal court against Slee-Zee Entertainment for sexual harassment on the job. In the deposition, Words has accused the company of encouraging a sexist atmosphere and allowing male employees to leer at the female employees lasciviously and without fear of punishment.

“I have noticed since day one on this job, some of the creepy looks from a few of the crew members,” claimed the veteran of over 100 X-rated movies. “Sometimes they would be undressing me with their eyes, even when I was naked! It was horrible!”

The actress also complained that she couldn’t even get privacy in the showers that were provided.

“Every time I would slowly undress, bending over to gently slide my lacy underwear down to the floor, then go in the shower to soap myself up,” she described in a low, throaty purr, "there were cameras following every sensual movement. And then a tall dark stranger would come in by “accident”. I would be SO overcome by sensual energy, I’d just give into his strong, manly charms. The next thing you know, there’s a camera crew filming everything! Filming it! If that isn’t against labor laws, it should be!”

“You can’t imagine how it is when you’re trying to spend some quality time with a person and your co-workers keep shoving things in your face like cameras and worse.” Tears welled up as she related her pain. “Much, much worse.  One of the cameramen even made contact with my bosom! He said it was a mistake and apologized immediately but it looked pretty premeditated to me.”

Words is seeking $10 million in damages and an apology from the director.

“I wouldn’t have complained if any of the men I’ve ended up with at work would ever call or write,”  she sniffed. “They get hired for a few days then they’re gone. It’s quite the revolving door. I can see why they have such staffing problems given their lax attitude towards office propriety.”

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