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NASA discovers artificial object orbiting Uranus.

China confirms that they have not penetrated that deep into the Solar System.

(SNN) - The Goddard Space Flight Center, the solar system observation arm of NASA, was on high alert Saturday when the Hubble Space Telescope detected an anomaly in orbit around Uranus. “At 1550 hrs, today, scientists examining images of Uranus discovered what looked like an elongated object,” stated Chris Scoleski, Director of the GSFC. “It appears to be in orbit, and we have determined that it is not a moon, or rogue asteroid.”

NASA authorities have determined that the object appears to be artificial. The images were captured nearly a month earlier, and as a routine function, scientists electronically scan all observatory images of the solar system before archiving.

“The last probe we sent to Uranus was the Voyager 2, in 1986," stated Scoleski, "However, that mission was a flyby, which saw the probe exit the Uranus orbit and tour to Neptune.”

A secure communique to the China National Space Agency (CNSA) has revealed that although the Chinese plan on a deep penetration of the solar system, the only probe they have launched is to Mars. “We no launch to Uranus,” advised Chief Technologist Sum Ting Wong. “If we had launched a probe to Uranus, you would know it, we are too busy searching space for blowholes.”

It is speculated that the artificial probe is of intra-dimensional origin, “NASA knows the truth," advised Ricard C. Hogland, former space adviser during the Apollo Missions. Hogland speculates that it is a craft that is not of this earth. "It is highly probable that due to hyper-dimensional physics, a craft can transport effortlessly from one planetary body to another," concluded Hogland.

NASA is examining a vast library of images captured from the Hubble Space Telescope looking for additional endoscopic space anomalies. "We now know what to look for," advised Scolesk. "We suspect that due to out-dated technology of the last ten years, we may have missed additional craft in solar system imaging,” Scoleski added. “If Uranus is being probed we want to see it.”

Photo: Image of Uranus, Source - NASA, Voyager 2.

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