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Arms Maker Reveals Eco-Friendly Tanks

Photo: Base Model Without Armor and Weapons Package

(SNN) - Weapons manufacturer, General Dynamics, has unveiled prototypes for its first generation of environmentally-sensitive armored vehicles for conscientious military powers the world over. The new line of carbon footprint-reduced killing machines all carry a “Save Our Planet” or “SOP” sticker to show they are part of this progressive carbon-conscious program.

“We are very excited about this project,” said General Anthony Quarters (ret), spokesman for the armament maker. “It makes no sense to devastate a nation and their air quality at the same time. We felt the only way to deal with this was to provide this SOP program to the people of the world.”

Among the thoughtful, earth-friendly changes made to the mobile munitions units included changing all the interior lights in the tanks to Compact Florescent Light (CFL) bulbs, having the electronic systems powered by rechargeable batteries and installing gas/electric hybrid motors in the units to make them more energy-efficient and quieter when on stored energy.

“We do admit there are some issues with these vehicles,” announced General Quarters. “The gigantic solar panel on top of the SunSucker 4800 deploys to about thirty feet by forty feet, which makes it a rather tempting target for unfriendlies. It is also useless for any night missions. On the other hand, it reduces the carbon footprint of the tank by almost 18% over our previous product in the same class.”

The company’s prototypes were reviewed by a number of Pentagon brass including General Ian Thomas. The general, in particular, seemed the most impressed.

“This is very forward thinking on the part of General Dynamics," said General Thomas. “These vehicles will allow us to send far more ordinance units into a battle arena without worrying that we are increasing global warming. I feel very good about that.”

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