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Rottmans Introduces the E-Joint

Tobacco Giant Proactive Just In Case of Trudeau Win in 2015

(SNN) - Cigarette manufacturer, Rottmans, has announced it has filed patents on a version of the e-cigarette model they are calling the ‘E-Joint”. Patterned on the “vaping” kits that allow people a cigarette experience without the tar and hot ember hazards, this new device simulates a marijuana cigarette. Instead of the consumer receiving a ‘hit’ of nicotine, however, the E-Joint user will get a measured dose of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. The device looks like a regular cigarette but is fatter in the middle and comes with a built-in roach clip.

At the media briefing, Rottmans Director of Communications, Wilbur J. Rottman IV, said the company wasn’t seeking publicity, despite calling a press conference, but just wanted to stake out their claim on the emerging marijuana market that will swamp the land, should the King of Cannabis, Justin Trudeau, achieve power.

“We see this as getting the jump on the competition,” said Rottman. “We know the second that young Trudeau becomes Prime Minister, marijuana and their related products will slice through mainstream culture like a hot knife through butter. We just want to position our company’s infrastructure to be on the leading edge of that hot knife.”

“This represents a really great move forward for the marijuana industry,” said Hugh Foria, popular pot culture analyst and author of the book, ‘Hempathy’. “The last really significant improvement in cannabis technology was the introduction of the bud-buster, by Bernard, “Bud” Hackett, in 1986, for which he was nominated for a Nobel Award, or an Oscar, or something. Not only that, but I’d say the last really significant improvement in cannabis technology was the introduction of the bud-buster.”

Officials did not have samples of the THC cartridges at the launch due to legal reasons, although some claim the entire sample batch was used up at the company picnic.

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