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Woman Driving Car in Saudi Arabia, Stops Traffic.

(SNN) - In defiance to the ultraconservative kingdom, a woman was caught on tape driving a car in Riyadh this week. “It was irresponsible, completely careless for this woman to get behind the wheel of an automobile,” stated kingdom crier Ala ad-Din ad-Durubi Basha. It was reported that the moment she pulled away from the curb, all traffic in the city stopped. “She completely stopped all production in the city,” cried ad-Durubi Basha, “It was terrifying.”

It was reported the 'defiant one' as she has become known, drove throughout the city, around busses, taxis and other vehicles stopped in mid traffic. Men could be seen turning their gaze, and covering their heads in a 'duck and cover' fashion. A video of this defiant act was caught on tape and was posted on the official Arabic YouTube account.

The Sage has learned that the police were unable to stop the continuation of the offense as they too where frozen in fear of driving on the same roads. However, they did issue an “All Points Bulletin" (APB) for the arrest of the 'The Defiant One'.  She is described as, possibly four foot to five foot in height, with two eyes.

In an effort to prevent any further dangers, the Mutaween have arrested 6346 women fitting that description. “We are confident that in this group we have found the perpetrator,” stated ad-Durubi Basha.

The Mutaween have warned that anyone disturbing public order would be dealt with forcefully. Traffic in Riyadh is slowy returning to normal. No traffic deaths were reported.

Photo: Screen capture from youtube, HonkforSaudiWomen Youtube Account.

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