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Labrador To Separate From Newfoundland

Area Tired of Being an Afterthought

(SNN) - The Region of Labrador, which lies atop of Quebec, has announced it is going to create 'winning conditions' to win a referendum on separating from Newfoundland. The move is to help resolve long-standing feelings of a lack of identity for the area.

For many Canadians, as far as they know, the name of the province to the north of Nova Scotia is, was and always will be Newfoundland. The reality, however, is that the official name is Newfoundland-Labrador. Unfortunately, the Labrador part is missing as often as a senior's spectacles.

"It's a terrible ting we get left off de name of de place so often," said Labradorian Independence Movement and Dart League (LIMDL) president, Lawrence Fishburger, in the quaint, practically incomprehensible dialect spoken in the area. Slowing the recording of the exclusive Sage News interview to half speed and having an interpreter from Fort MacMurray on hand helped to find out exactly what Fishburger was saying.

"We got no grievances wit our brothers and sisters on De Rock, but need to express our unique character and whatnot," Fishburger possibly said. "We just wants to have our own province or territory or something that's just us. We don't wants to be a country, though, as dat seems really involved and might screw up our dart schedule."

The LIMDL charter, besides laying out their dart league rules, also expresses the desire for Labradorians to be recognized as a nation because of their distinct society. They see themselves as intrinsically different from the people of Newfoundland proper.

"We are very different from de Rock Hoppers across de way," stated Fishburger categorically. "For example, we have tree people on a dart team around here, whereas them other b'ys has teams all over de map... two, three, even four members, for crying out loud. Plus dey talks real funny."

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