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Femen Meeting Interrupted By Clothed Protestors

Photo: Femen Executive Sit Down To Discuss Next Move

(SNN) - International women's rights group, Femen, notorious for crashing news events by baring their breasts and their political views, we're the recipients of a bit of tit for tat last weekend. During the Femen Annual Rights Congress and Exhibition held in Majorca, Spain, the exhibitionists, many topless with political slogans and sales pitches for Femen swag painted on their bosoms, were interrupted by a group of fully dressed demonstrators with denunciations of the group printed neatly on their outerwear.

The Femen executive committee members, many of whom had previously... ahem, 'flash mobbed' politicians from Quebec Premier Pauline Marois to Russian President, Vladmir Putin, were outraged at the intrusion.

"I cannot believe their rudeness," spat the chairperson who would only identify herself as 'Patsy'. "We are trying to make lives better for everyone on the planet by showing off our boobs and these people are making a mockery of it. Have they no couth?"

The demonstrators claimed their group, Middle-Aged Married Guys Against Pixilation, we're peaceful in nature but just wanted to bust in on the meeting to see what the pixels were hiding. The vast majority had no opinion regarding Femen's political objectives and almost universally expressed surprise that the breast-baring activist group even had any political objectives.

Photo by: I Hunt flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed

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