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Canada Sells Quebec to the United States.

Obama announced the new State will be a territory of Louisiana.

(SNN) - With the firm grip and hearty handshake, the leaders of two great countries seal a deal that will increase the size of the United States by 1.5 million square kilometres officially making the United States the largest nation in the world. In an official discharge, Harper announced the historical deal. “As of 1PM, Eastern Standard Time, on this Thanksgiving Day of 2013, Canada is happy to turn the title of Quebec over to the United States of America.”

Washington announced that until the political structure of Quebec can come in line with the Republic model of the United States, Quebec will remain an official territory of Louisiana. “We believe that the coonass understands the folks from Quebec and are better equipped to acclimate them to the American way of life,” came the word from a White House adviser.

The Quebec Purchase, or “Vente de la Quebec” officially relinquishes Canada's claim to the sovereign “Nation of Quebec.” The U.S. paid 11.25 million dollars which comes to less than 3 cents per acre. “It was a hard fought deal,” advised Harper. “But we feel we got a fair market value for the former province.”

Although not official, Ottawa sealed the deal by promising the financially strapped leader of the free world that transfer payments from Alberta and the “have provinces” of Canada will still be in effect until 2020. At the current transfer payment rate provided to Quebec the U.S. stands to receive 54.831 billion dollars from the Canadian Taxpayer.

“It is understood that the sale is conditional upon the approval of the Premier of Alberta,” advised Harper. “We are confident that the majority of Albertans and the rest of Canada will understand and go along with the deal.” Harper was quick to add, “It's good for all Canadians.”

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