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VIDEO: The Reason Satire and Reality often blur the lines

Ladies, we all know your poop doesn't stink.

(SNN) - A product sold through Amazon and promoted through a very creative commercial shared on Youtube can make satirists look mild. The advert states, "Poo-Pourri is a blend of essential oils that virtually eliminates bathroom odours! Our award-winning before-you-go® sprays come in a variety of scents and sizes."

For some reason, this really deserves a place on here in The Sage. But don't forget ladies, if you are going drop your load, pinch of a loaf or just take a crap, spray a layer of Poo-Pourri into the toilet water. Because men really need to believe that women's "poop does not stink, or you just don't poop at all!"

You can't make this shit up. Watch for yourself.



Photo: Screen Capture from Poop-Puori Commercial.

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