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NHL: The Stanley Cup to undergo a name change in 2015.

Oprah's network secures rights as official broadcaster of NHL games.

(SNN) - Oprah Winfrey and her network (OWN) has shocked the world with the news that she has become a true hockey fan. Oprah has captured the day time viewers imagination, the intellectual mainstream with OWN and now the lady who was once the only billionaire African American woman in the world has expanded into sports. “We have signed a ten year, 600 million-dollar deal with the NHL,” announced Willie O'Rey. spokesperson for OWN, “It will be business as usual, with only two small changes.”

According to the newswire, there are actually two significant changes to the much loved national hockey competition. The first being that OWN will be the exclusive broadcaster of all NHL games starting in the 2015-2016 season, with cable distribution veto power retained by OWN. The second and more controversial change is that the Stanley Cup will undergo a name change. “With the significant investment by OWN we believe that Oprah should get the credit she deserves,” stated O'Rey. “It is our pleasure to announce that the Stanley Cup will undergo a legal name change to the Oprah Cup.”

“I understand that the name change may be hard to get used to,” stated NHL Exec Phil Baly. “However, as a business decision it bodes very well for our organization.” Baly was quick to point out that the loss from last season's player strike created a serious shortfall in operating funds. “Oprah’s generousity came at just the right time,” concluded Baly.

The Stanley Cup was originally named after Lord Stanley of Preston, former Governor General of Canada. The first Cup was awarded in 1893 to the Montreal Hockey Club. The Stanley "Presentation Cup" was established as the de facto championship trophy of the NHL in 1926.

Oprah Winfrey was not available for comment. There is no indication that the NHL will be rebadged as the OHL.

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