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Sad State of UFO Research and Reporting

How Many of the 1,981 Sightings in 2012 Did You Hear About?

(SNN) - I am trying to figure out this whole UFO issue. To begin, let me just say I have never seen one, although I think I might like to, even knowing how the experience appears to change a person. I would also add that I don't believe in the existence of anything with 100% certainty, not even my own existence. Too many theories abound as to why even I might be just a series of misfiring brain synapses, or a computer program a la Matrix or a visionary dream by an advanced being, to be completely certain.

Having said that, however, I have run into an amazing amount of people who claim to have personally witnessed what they believe to be UFOs. These aren't nut-bars or whack-jobs, but normal, everyday people; a diligent, conscientious co-worker, a much respected neighbor, even a number of my own family members.

I do not believe that the folks with whom I have discussed their first hand experiences are lying, engaging in hyperbole or dissembling in any way. They know what they saw.

Many, of course, don't reveal their experiences with everyone. It is too dangerous. People think those who stand witness to these... visitors… entities… whatever they are, are often discredited and made a mockery of.

This seems strange. There is this tendency to dismiss UFO reports, despite the reality, depending on which poll you look at, that about half the population in North America believe in UFO's. It seems odd the same percentage of people doesn’t believe in specific UFO sightings or believe in the people making the claims.

Or maybe they do. Perhaps the mainstream media isn't allowed to give these sightings any credence. It is hard to tell since the result of bewildering inattention to the matter looks exactly the same as active ignorance. Just the rarity of UFO reports on MSM outlets is curious. Obviously, these sightings are happening. According to a May Huffington Post article, last year was witness to 1,981 official reports of UFO sightings in Canada; the most ever. That is almost four per day. How many news reports did you watch that mentioned any of them?  Why isn’t any news agency seriously delving into the issue, beyond the occasional “quirk” article?

What is telling for me is how many people are convinced they have seen or even been in contact with a UFO. I follow a person on Twitter named Squint, who faithfully “retweets” incidents of UFO activity around the world. There are dozens of new ones daily. It is impossible for this person to catch them all, of course, so there must be many more than those mentioned on Squint’s Twitter feed. When one “googles” UFO activity, the amount of material that comes up is massive; 101,000,000 hits more or less. It only takes one of these reports to be correct for UFO's to exist.

So, do I believe in UFO's? Prior to my fairly recent Twitter experiences and from stories of people I have encountered during my 50+ years, I would have pegged my belief that UFOs are a non-earthly phenomenon at fifty-fifty. Since then, however, I’d say my certainty level is more like 70%. 

I wonder, however, why governments across the world are in denial about the issue. It can't just be a North American phenomenon. Why do all governments seemingly shy away from dealing with UFOs in a frank and truthful manner? Have they truly investigated these claims officially and decided they have no merit? Maybe. But it’s not like the reports stop; but it appears the investigations do. Why? Every once in a while, they trot out a serious-looking committee to examine the issue but little is done and the debate rages on. The U.S held the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure which was broadcast over the web from April 29th  to May 3, of this year. It featured depositions from dozens of ex-congressmen, military leaders, and other experts in the field. It has been described as the most comprehensive look at UFO data gathered in one place. The final report is, sadly, not on their website;  but hopefully will be included in the DVD box set for which they are crowd-funding to reach their $50,000.00 budget for release. That is indicative of how the state of UFO research stands.

Is there a threat to countries if they don't play along with the “UFO witnesses are crazies” mind-set? Is the threat from an earthly source or other-worldly ones? Do all these governments believe it is for our own good? Is it? Can we trust them to tell us the truth?

No one can really answer these questions. Those in the know aren't saying and those out of the "need to know" loop have no way of answering them without inside knowledge.

There is one man who is trying to break away from officialdom's pack; former Canadian Member of Parliament and one-time Minister of National Defense, Paul Hellyer. He is on record as not only having seen a UFO, but also that he believes governments are hiding the truth; and even that two aliens are in the employ of the U.S. Government. (I wonder if they have been furloughed.)

Hellyer does have his share of attackers, too, as a quick net search discovers. You’d expect that whether he is right or wrong. However, it doesn’t help us discern the truth about UFOs.

If we could only trust governments to be honest with us, I believe we would be closer to that truth.

Photo by: Dragon Ral flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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