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Bringing Sanity Back to the U.S. Government

Grassroots Movement Drops the Labels

(SNN) - The Gods of Reason and Sanity seem to have lifted their hands from Washington, DC, leaving the U.S. Congress vulnerable to their most radical element, the Tea Party faction of the GOP.  This rogue group of swagger and stupidity has run ram shod over the federal government and the American People.  They have managed to divide their own party and shove the moderates into the back rows of the House and Senate. We the people need those moderates.   We need them to leap across the aisle and get to work in a bipartisan manner. Now.

Just last night, I became aware of a group of Democrats, Republicans and Independents who want to break this cycle and return our lawmakers to a saner, safer America. This growing citizen’s group, called ‘No Labels’, was formed back in the Spring of 2010, when the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was passed with not even one Republican vote. As I listened to former U.S. Senator Evan Bayh (D) and former Utah Governor, Jon Huntsman (R), talk about the organization, I was cautiously hopeful. You mean that there is actually an organized group of concerned and sane people with some clout who might actually be able to make some real change in a very broken Washington?  I just might make a donation. Do you take Discover Card?

With the deep division between the Republicans and Democrats over Obamacare, common sense problem solving is needed more than ever. Trust has vanished. Each party huddles in their own corners, building team camaraderie to a fever pitch until they come out swinging.  How can this be good for Washington let alone the fragile economy? The old congressional infrastructure made up of men and women ready to roll up their sleeves and put their bipartisan heads together for the good of America just doesn’t exist anymore. The citizens of No Labels are working to pressure lawmakers to rebuild the infrastructure and get back to a framework of cooperation, not combat.

According to their website at , the group’s mission is simple: “To restore and sustain trust in our democracy.” They’re putting the right kind of pressure on the U.S. government to “stop fighting, start fixing.” In January 2013, No Labels formed a sub-group of 86 House and Senate members called The Problem Solvers , who meet regularly to build trust between the parties.  These lawmakers have the power to legislate and are working to pass bills to make the presidency, the congress, and the government actually work. Imagine, a working Washington, devoid of gridlock and griping.  I’ll take it!

As a worried American listening to all the pundits talking about the continuing government shutdown and how the country is hurtling toward a default on our debt, I am looking to this organization to step up the pressure to get our government back on track before it’s too late.

We’re running out of time!  

MORE INFORMATION:  Want to let Congress know what you think?  Start with The No Labels Citizen’s Toolkit.  You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook and read up on the latest at the No Labels blog.

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