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Taxation Watchdog Weighs In On 'Oh Canada' Controversy

Photo: Canada Kitch Available From Taxpayer Federation Website

(SNN) - The Canadian Federation of Taxpayers has sent out a news release voicing their opinions on the debate swirling around Canada’s National Anthem. Artists such as Margaret Atwood and some other folks the group has kind of heard of, maybe, have been lobbying the government to change the lyrics to be less male-centric.

The taxpayer’s organization leaped upon the opportunity to tweak our national song and hired “John “Middle-Aged Woman” Mellancamp to rework the dreary lyrics to something they felt all Canadian taxpayers could get behind.

Here is the anthem as reworked by American Mellancamp:

Owe Canada, 
Our home was native land.
True, pay we do,
At Ottawa's command.
With groaning hearts
We see the rise
Of tax eternally
From far and wide
Owe Canada
We pay continually.
God make our land
Glorious but free
Owe Canada 
We pay the price for Thee.

The Prime Minister’s office refused to respond to requests for a response to the controversy and the Federation's "improvements" but advised reporters the government is sorry but they are busy right now with more important things.

Photo by: Sean Ganann flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed.


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