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Sinead O'Connor Attacks Miley, Cowell, Most of Humanity

Former Famous Person in Vicious Twitter Flame War

(SNN) - Sinead O'Connor, the former pop star with the hit "Nothing Compares To You" late in the Cretaceous Period, began an angry Twitter tirade by advising Miley Cyrus not to "prostitute herself" for fame and money. The troubled Irish songstress blamed the Hollywood establishment for pressuring the troubled sex-trade twerker, Cyrus, into debasing herself for riches, fame and a lavish lifestyle. Sinead included in her rant, shots at such notable figures as Simon Cowell, Barry Gordy Junior and The New York Philharmonic Orchestra. O’Connor did not admit, however, that she had been involved in an illicit intimate relationship with the latter and that it went sour leading to her bitterness.

Regarding the “prostituting herself” comment, Cyrus was reported to have lashed back at O'Connor by telling the aging chanteuse snippily that “Miley Cyrus is the only person that could prostitute Miley Cyrus”, so O'Connor's argument was “invalid”. Cyrus added that she would be crazy to listen to someone like Sinead warn her about the dangers of huge stardom and excess when the fading star had followed that path herself.

"I don’t want to learn from some old hag’s mistakes. I want to make them for myself. Besides, this whole cheap harlot phase is just a put on, anyway," claimed Miley. "I still retain my dignity, even when I am jiggling my junk like a porn star. After all, this is no different a gimmick than Madonna or Cher or Linda Lovelace. Don't we all use our body to make money in some way? Don't judge me!"

When O'Connor returned the volley saying that Cyrus was a role model and that she was showing young girls that public displays of vulgar sexuality are a cheap and easy way to get ahead, Cyrus responded, "Well, duh. Isn’t it?"

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