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Geneticists Discover Marijuana Is an Alien Species

Pot DNA Unlike Anything Else Seen On Earth

(SNN) - Geneticists at Farmington University in Michigan have revealed that, while sequencing the DNA of cannabis sativa, the scientific term for marijuana, they found the DNA structure is like nothing else found on Earth. In an article published in the well-regarded, peer reviewed research magazine, “Influential Scientific Journal”, a team of researchers led by FU’s Dean of Genes, Professor Herb Gardiner has suggested the plant’s origins are “other-worldly”. Admittedly, some of Dr. Gardiner’s colleagues use the same adjective to describe Dr. Gardiner.

“It is entirely possible that the building blocks for this plant arrived on this planet aboard some meteorite or comet tail intersection in the distant past,” claims Gardiner in the journal piece. “It is not the first of such discoveries. Mushrooms also have a genetic imprint unlike any other genome we’ve studied, as well as, surprisingly enough, Lady Gaga.”

The article describes in detail how the sequencing was performed beginning with crushing the weed up in a “bud buster”. After extracting the DNA from the sample, there was other experimentation done with the material regarding aspects of combustion of the plant. According to Gardiner, the project was the most popular study he had ever done with his students as far as they were concerned.

“We do have to issue a caution that proving cannabis has a different DNA profile than other plants on the planet doesn’t prove it is from outer space,” warned Gardiner. “We just believe it to be the case since the combustion tests indicate that the sample pot was definitely out of this world.”

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