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Miss World Pageant Bows in Islamic Direction

Forget Bikinis - Burkas Now The Order Of the Day

(SNN) - Organizers and promoters of the Miss World competition have caved into more threats by Islamic extremists to disrupt their pageants unless they conform to their style specifications. The event administrators had already agreed not to have a bikini event, despite it being one of the most popular features of the competition since its inception. The contest management have replaced the revealing bikinis of yesteryear with sarongs, which, sadly, have all the figure revealing features of a circus tent. This wasn't good enough for the Islamic fashionistas, however, they wanted more. More clothing on the women, specifically.

After gaining the original concessions from the pageant organizers, the group calling itself "Islamists For Chattel Dignity" are now demanding all Miss World contestants must appear in niqabs, burkas and hijabs for the entirety of the televised program. Furthermore, in the public speaking portion of the spectacle, they must designate a man to speak on their behalf since female opinions are irrelevant to the group, anyway. Given some of the previous speeches by past contestants, this latter initiative actually has a great deal more support than the black veil and robe directive, even among North Americans.

"We believe these subtle changes to the Miss World competition will not alter the contest significantly, but will serve to give these infidel women a modicum of dignity," explained the spokesman for the Islamist group, Abu al-Martino. "Watching these females being oppressed by the event administration sickens men world-wide and we at the IFCD have no choice but to put a stop to it."

Photo by:  Hendrik Dacquin flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed.


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