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England's PM Cameron to Undergo Estrogen Therapy

Move Seen as Desperate Attempt to 'Impress the Ladies'

(SNN) - Prime Minister David Cameron has agreed to undergo estrogen replacement therapy in a bid to increase his understanding on “what makes women tick”. Cameron, a product of all-boys schools, and all-mens clubs throughout his life, admits he hasn’t a clue about women whatsoever. This lack in his personality make up has been apparent for some time and has resulted in his losing 11 points off his female support which is down to 29%. He led the parties in garnering the women vote three years ago.

“The plan is that if we increase the estrogen levels in the prime minister, he may be able to get in touch with his kinder, more nurturing side,” said Dr. Ivana Singh of the Royal Estrogen Institute in Bristol. “Perhaps, if Mr. Cameron can elevate his empathy level, he may see the folly of cutting off child benefits. As it is now, it’s just a line item in a report.”

The good doctor hastened to add that they wouldn’t go any farther in “womanizing” Cameron than the chemical intervention for now. There were no plans for breast enhancements, wedding tackle reductions or a one-third drop in pay, but there is still much hope for improvement.

“We are just going to be taking baby steps for now,” advised Singh. “First we will see if changing his brain chemistry will make a difference and after that, we may have to change out the entire brain.”

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