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Samsung And Victorinox to Jointly Develop 3D Apps

Galaxy 5.7/16 Smartphone to Feature Corkscrew and Fork Apps

(SNN) - Mobile device maker Samsung is teaming up with Swiss Army Knife manufacturer, Victorinox to create new 3D apps for a new signature phone being developed in the joint business initiative. The need for 3D apps was identified as having “high-impact marketing potential” by Sung-Sam Choi, the president of Samsung, who looks a lot like Apple’s president but is less expensive.

“We are very excited at the new 3D apps we are bringing to market,” said Choi in a hacked email he’d sent to his wife. “With apps like a corkscrew, a knife blade and a fork, we will make our smart-phones more practical than ever before and bruise the apple, if you know what I mean. Oh, and can you pick up some medicine for the dog? She’s barfing all over the rugs again.”

Other apps being developed for the phone include a small saw, a nose trimmer and a boy scout to start small fires for those that like camping. They have had issues with the toothbrush app due to unforeseen technical difficulties, such as it wrecking your smart-phone.

“We are counting on this new 3D app concept to make us look like a world leader in innovation,” stated Choi. “Not desperation.”

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