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Syrian Refugees Lobby For Own Country

Refugee Population Will Hit 3 Million By 2014 - Host Countries Crapping

(SNN) - With the refugees from the horrific fighting in Syria streaming into refugee camps now topping two million and the flow expected to continue unabated, leaders in the refugee community are considering creating their own state.

“With our populations growing faster per capita than any other nation on earth, it only makes sense we start a new country,” stated refugee representative, Atalla al-Abama. “We’re already as populous as Latvia or Botswana. By 2014, we’ll be bigger than Jamaica, mon.”

Just where the refugees would set up their new country is still being debated. The refugees are currently concentrated in four countries; Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Turkey, none of which appear willing to hack off a chunk of land for them. Canada has offered a reserve on Baffin Island, which, though not quite at the North Pole, is spitting distance, if the spit didn’t instantly freeze to a person’s tongue upon exiting. Reception for the Canadian offer was colder than Iqaluit in January, however, as it was feared they would have trouble starting their goats in the uncustomary frigid temperatures.

“No matter what, though, none of us want to go back as long as either side in that war is in charge,” said al-Abama. “Both sides are crazy like they have mad sheep disease.”

Delegates from Scotland, Palestine and Quebec have sent advisors to give the refugees tips on how to start their own nation. If this initiative fails, however, the refugees plan to ask more peaceful countries, far from the Mid-East powder-keg, such as North Korea, to take them in until the war is over.

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