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Quebec Premier: Multiculturalism causes Violence

Segregation Good, Multiculturalism Bad...bien?

(SNN) -The Quebec separatist Premier's devalue policy could be the solution to terrorism and civil unrest; is the position of that Province's leader. In a recent newspaper article, Premier Pauline Marois said France's move to secularism is not perfect, but is still preferable to multiculturalism.

Using the British as an example, she advised that “In England, they’re smashing each other in the face and throwing bombs because of multiculturalism and nobody knowing any more who they are in that society.”

The Sage has learned that Marois' devalues policy will eventually segregate English speaking, and brown folk, into a northern part of Quebec designated as 'the steppes of Quebec.' “Here in Quebec, we know who are real French and who are not,” quipped the Premier.

“Under my value policies, we could walk into a park and be able to see clearly who the bad people are. No more could those multi-cultural types smash us in the face or throw bombs,” boasted the Premier.

Under those plans, the Premier will create places in northern Quebec called “Mauvaises gens lieu.” She will then instruct the Quebec National Police, the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) to collect undesirables to be moved into those resorts for safekeeping.

The value policy, known as the “Charter of Devalue”, has come under stiff political opposition. Leaked segments of the Premier's charter will target people wearing religious symbols and culturally motivated clothing while employed by her government. “We have to put multicultural types in their place,” stated the Premier. “Unlike England and the rest of Canada, we in sovereign Quebec will know who they are in our society.”

Photo: Montreal metropole culturelle flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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