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Dennis Rodman heads to North Korea to meet 'my bro Kim'

Kim Jong-un threatens to "put that smack-a-lack on ya"

(SNN) - In an absurdist diplomatic move, notoriously erratic former NBA star, Dennis Rodman is in North Korea meeting with his 'bro' Kim Jong-un.

It is suspected that Rodman is in North Korea to influence the fate of an American political prisoner, and help organize North Korea's national basketball team.

When questioned about his friendship with the tiny tyrant, Kim Jong-un, Rodman had this to say to The Sage.

“Yo, Yo, ha hear dudes, me and me bro Kim, gonna hang, a'ight?” laid down Rodman, “Yo'all don't have no never-mind, bout me my bro.” According to Rodman, the reunion was a good start to warming up international relations and Kim is very receptive to the American's visit.

When pressed on what he was doing in North Korea, Rodman was clear when he advised reporters that he was not there to help free an American prisoner but wanted to evangelize the country on the finer points of basketball.

"I'm just tryin' to go over there to com-fab with my man Kim, the marshal," Rodman said. "Try to start a game of twenty-one with the crew." Rodman is calling the trip a "friendly gesture".

In an exclusive interview with the tiny tyrant, Kim Jong-un, The Sage pressed him regarding the relationship with Rodman, which resulted in an unusual threat even for the pudgy despot.

"Yo, you don't need to be all up in my grill unless you want me to put that smack-a-lack on ya!" threatened Kim,  “Ya'll just keep'in to yo busy-ness, a'ight?”

It was clear that Rodman and Kim are definitely close.

Photo: Some rights reserved by OPEN Sports flickr photostream, The Sage north is article endorsed.

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