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Obama says he didn't draw the red line on Syria, yellow at best.

(SNN) - In a press conference Wednesday, President Barack Obama said he didn’t set a “red line” against Syria for the use of chemical weapons.

Speaking at a press conference in Stockholm, Obama said the “line” he talked about a year ago against Syria’s use of chemical weapons wasn’t “red” it was actually “yellow.”

“The press has it all wrong.” stated Obama, “I really said that I was drawing a yellow line, not a red one.” Obama went on to distinguish international “line” standards, citing levels of acceptable genocide and violence, all based on a pastel colour scheme.

“It's really that simple,” stated Obama, “Syria has not crossed the red line, so there is nothing any nation can do.”

It's really just a grey area. According to the leader of the free world, no military action is required when countries cross either a green, fuschia, bisque, azure, chartreuse, cerulean or even blue mayhem line. “According to our analysts, the use of chemical weapons is an example of crossing a bisque line,” concluded Obama. “With Iraq, Saddam Hussein crossed a bisque line, and converted it to a red line when they invaded a neighbour, which is crossing a chartreuse line, it's really that simple.”

“Until Syria actually crosses a yellow line, or adds a blue mayhem to their bisque, or even an azure line, no other country will intervene," observed one analyst.

“I'm just glad my credibility has been restored,” said Obama during a media scrum in Stockholm. “Let me be perfectly clear; I am not colour blind, the United States of America is watching Syria very closely.”  

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