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Andy Kaufman: Resurfaces after 29 years.

Did Comedian and TV Star of "Taxi" fake his death?

(SNN) - After twenty nine years, Andy Kaufman, the entertainer best known as “The Foreign Man” and the derivative character Latka on the TV show Taxi, has reappeared. In 1984, Andy Kaufman entered the Cedars-Sinai Hospital under the name of Nathan McCoy after having announced that he was dying of lung cancer. Shortly after, Nathan McCoy passed away quietly.

Fans of Kaufman have for many years speculated that he faked his own death, and he would reappear in show biz fashion twenty years later. This rumour has been backed up by sightings from Jamaica to Southern California, and testimonies from close acquaintances of Kaufman.

However he has never resurfaced and many fans had all but lost hope.

Kaufman, who has been living under the assumed name of Anton Clifford, has advised The Sage that he has been living a simple life with a new age colony in Southern California. It has been learned that Clifford has had several career changes in the past three decades, first as a leather wallet craftsman, then a taxi driver, a waiter at a fast food restaurant, a rodeo clown, and finally a greeter at Walmart.

“I would never have suspected that Clifford as Kaufman,” said store manager Tim Bucktew, “Clifford is a run-down sort; quiet, unassuming and unshaven. Personally, I don't believe it.”

Clifford refused to have his photo taken, or to grant a taped interview; however, he did have this to say to The Sage: “Ta-Dah!”

Photo: Some Rights Reserved by Rock Cousteau flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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