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Harper 'Giddy' To Be Included In Obama Syrian Plan

'I Hope They Don't Want Us To Use Up Our Missile'

(SNN) Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was ‘practically swaggering’ in his office after receiving a call from U.S. President Barack Obama regarding responses to suspected chemical weapon use in Syria. According to sources inside the PMO, the swagger was apparent in contrast to Harper’s usual waddle.

“He called me! He actually called me!” Harper was heard to exclaim after the two and a half minute communication. “I wonder if he called Cameron, before me. Probably that Merkel broad, too. Oh well, he still called me!”

Harper was hard-pressed to say what help Canada could deliver to ease the crisis in that war-torn nation. Half of the Obama conversation centered around what a raw deal England had given Canada on their submarine purchase years ago. He also mentioned former PM Jean Chretien tearing up the helicopter deal forcing Canada to continue to rely on vintage Sea-Kings whose parts they pilfer from U.S. museums.

“We have a bunch of Enfield rifles we can throw on the table,” mused the PM. “They are the WWI vintage weapons the Northern Rangers use, that we are currently upgrading to WWII .303’s.”

President Obama would not disclose what wisdom he took away from his call to Harper, but would include the Canadian leader’s “vague, incoherent ramblings under advisement when deciding on a course of action”.

Photo by: US Embassy Canada flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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