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Thomas Mulcair Should Take the Hint From Ted Cruz

Dual Citizenship Poor Optics When Seeking Top Job

(SNN) - The buzz in Washington right now is that Texas Senator Ted Cruz is renouncing his Canadian citizenship. It has been reported that the senator was actually surprised when informed he held dual-citizenship as a result of having been born in Calgary, Alberta. Since the senator is said to be interested in a bid for the Republican nomination in 2016, Cruz wants to divest himself of anything that might question his allegiances.

Contrast this with Canadian Leader of the Royal Opposition, Thomas Mulcair. He has dual-citizenship with both Canada and France. It doesn’t appear he sees this as an issue and has made no move to change his status as a man of two countries.

It appears the U.S. senator understands something the Canadian MP does not. There are those that see dual citizenship as trying to serve two masters. They believe one cannot pledge allegiance to two thrones. Of course, 99% of the time it doesn’t really matter. The only time it does is if you are seeking the leadership of the country. Only then will it become a burdensome albatross around the neck of the candidate, like it is for Mulcair.

It is difficult to fathom why the NDP leader would not make this same move as Cruz except out of either stupidity or arrogance. Surely he must understand, no matter how little the consequence of dual-citizenship, it makes for a huge target on the back of someone applying for the job of Prime Minister. Ted Cruz understands that he can’t afford to lose the votes that people who believe it is a big deal represent. Does Mulcair believe those votes don’t matter?

Let’s face it, everybody knows that politics is all about optics. Optics are what drives public opinion for good or bad. This is why the “photo-op” is so popular. They are all about optics. What does it say when a leader has already decided he doesn’t care about optics; that what he thinks is more important than the people’s opinion?

Perhaps it doesn’t matter anyway. With the Trudeau juggernaut in Mulcair’s future, it could easily be argued there is little Mulcair can do to avoid the oncoming deluge. However, for many, every little bit would help. This would include taking a cue from Senator Cruz and removing the dual-citizenship arrow from your enemies’ quivers.

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