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Whatever Happened To The Two Suspected B.C. Legislature Bombers?

If They Were U.S. Terrorists, They'd Still Be On The Public Radar

(SNN) - It seems odd that there would be so little news being generated by the two would-be terrorists apprehended in the alleged, attempted bombing of the B.C. legislature on Canada Day. If the accused pair were American would-be terrorists, we would have already heard from every person that ever met them, taught them or even just pumped their gas or bagged their groceries for them. We would know every last detail of their lives and what the Forces For Good are doing to deal with this threat.

What we have instead is quite different than that. A quick Google News search only reveals a short bail appearance on the 8th, courtesy of Sun News.  It was reported one defendant briefly looked at the gallery; but that was about it.

Prior to that, there had been suggestions by the defense that his clients were the victims of entrapment; but that story quickly went by the boards. It’s almost as if the ill-conceived bombing incident never happened.

There are a number of possibilities why a story of this apparent magnitude is seemingly shunted to the slush pile. It could be that Canadians do not generally have the same thirst for sensationalism as their southern neighbors. It could be that the American media does a better job of unearthing details of the people that hit the public’s radar. It could even be a case where there is something about this story that stinks to high heaven and either the police or the politicians or both have made a huge mistake and are now trying to sweep it under the carpet.

Until more is known about why the investigation seems to have gone underground, all we can do is speculate; hardly a healthy situation in a free, open and democratic country. 

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