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Monsanto sues Arkansas Couple for Gene Patent Violation

American Mullet Terrier's future on achy breaky ground.

(SNN) – Monsanto is challenging an Arkansas couple in the not-to-rare move of genetic patent violation. The class action information states that Cletus and Cleofus Tull of Grubbs, AK., knowingly and willfully created a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), the result being a male dog that goes by the name of “BooBits.” According to the information, Cleofus, a dog breeder, obtained a gene sample from a disgruntled employee from Monsanto which was created from splicing DNA from Billy Ray Cyrus and a Boston Terrier.

“This is just nuts!” blurted Cleofus, “Ya'll know that Cletus and I breed dogs all the time. Monsanto can kiss my grits!”

A recent report from the Arkansas Department of Commerce revealed that dog breeding in the state of Arkansas has declined over the past ten years as a result of corporate interference and gene patent claims. “The Arkansas courts have been plugged from lawsuits against state breeders,” stated Little Rock lawyer Bobby Rae Smits. “Arkansas has always been a source of new American dog breeds, providing the world with over 100 different breeds every decade.” It has been learned that since Monsanto has been patenting genes, Arkansas has been reduced to two new breeds per decade.

In their statement of defence, the Tulls are claiming that Billy Ray Cyrus is a good friend who visits their puppy farm frequently. The statement implies that “Boobits” came from a litter of six pups all having long locks with heavy mains.

In spite of the lawsuit, the Tulls have registered the breed as the American Mullet Terrier. Monsanto has applied to have the registration nullified.

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