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Leading Psychiatrist Claims Putin 'Likely Gay'

'When Men Constantly Try To Prove Their Machismo, There's Usually A Reason'

(SNN) - Internationally acclaimed psychiatrist, Dr. Sidney Freudman, of the famed agriculturally-based mental health hospice, ‘The Nut Farm’,  has issued a statement regarding the sexual proclivities of Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

“I have studied every speech, statement and news release by and regarding the man,” revealed Freudman. “And I can tell you this man has serious sexual identity issues. His rabid antipathy for the homosexual populations in his care are similar to Adolph Hitler’s treatment of Jews, given Hitler was half Semitic.”

“Look how he is always appearing with his shirt off,” the statement continued. “He is topless more often than ‘Misty’ down at the gentleman’s club. I mean, the man exudes more gaiety than a Richard Simmons exercise video.”

“It is obvious from his carefully orchestrated acts of ‘bravery’, that he is trying to compensate for something,” Freudman went on. “The whole ultra-light escapade, the submersible photo-op; all these ridiculous adventures are all carefully designed to give people a false impression. The fact is he’s a poofter, and I hate to admit it, rather an attractive one at that. He’s got those penetrating blue eyes, that chiseled face, that sculpted body… I’d love to get him on my couch!”

Photo by: IoSonoUnaFotoCamera  flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed.


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