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MP Elizabeth May Tapped For Reality TV Show

'Real Desperate Housewives of Sydney, B.C.' to Air in Fall

(SNN) - Green Party Leader and Member of Parliament, Elizabeth May, has been selected to join the cast of the reality television show ‘Real Desperate Housewives of Sydney, B.C.’. The small screen Canadian production is set to air in the new fall line-up on the Public Access channel, although no HD version will be offered due to obvious reasons.

According to May, a youthful, stunning, willowy blonde, if you’re old, senile and have bad eyesight, the TV show will help her increase her name recognition in orders of thousands. There is, however, a question of whether the gig will impact negatively on the politician’s credibility with voters.

“I am not concerned about concerns concerning my credibility,” May said in an exclusive Sage interview. “I feel that with the three productions I was in during my high school years and the on-air stuff I’ve done as leader of the Greens, especially that debate they let me be in, I feel my credibility as a performer should not be questioned.”

When asked what motivated the locally-popular, leftist leader to accept the role, May’s face crimsoned slightly.

“Actually I thought it was for the ‘Desperate Housewives’ series,” explained May. “That excited me a great deal as it is all racy and naughty and stuff. Then I heard it was for the ‘Real’ Housewives’ franchise and I was a bit disappointed; but a May never gives up. It turned out to be a hybrid of the two shows and you all know how much I love hybrids, so I jumped at the chance. I just hope there’s some of that racy stuff in it.”

When asked if she would ever appear in a nude scene, May was surprisingly candid.

“Oh, absolutely!” she beamed. “Look what appearing topless has done for Justin!”

Mary Dawson, federal Ethics Commission Chairperson, has already cleared the way for May to moonlight in her new opportunity. In a taped conversation after a couple roofies, Dawson was quoted as saying, “I don’t care what those bastards do in their spare time. If I say anything negative, they’ll ax me like a Christmas turkey. I mean, we even had to let Trudeau charge for speaking appearances which is already what I thought he is paid to do for Canada.”

Photo by: Tavis Ford  flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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