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The Mysterious Hum: Heard around the world - solved.

Source of the "Hum" located, Scientist Investigating.

(SNN) - Known the world over as “The Hum,” the mysterious lower droning hum that is driving people crazy throughout the world has been a mystery since its first reporting in the 1950s. The steady droning sound that is heard in Canada, England, Australia, the U.S., Scotland and into parts of Africa, has affected a small percentage of people who normally reside in suburban and rural areas.

People who have reported hearing the “Hum” have been labeled as crackpots or whiners, which has disenfranchised many people in their communities. “I have been ridiculed at work,” said one complainant who wishes to remain anonymous, “But the sound really drives me nuts, especially at night.”

The Hum has reported to give people headaches, nausea, dizziness, nosebleeds and sleep disturbances. Scientists have been at a loss to explain the why, how, who and where it comes from.

That was until now.

Several theories have been postulated, from mass psychosis to alien space craft beaming low frequencies. New Age adherents speculate that the Hum is “Mother Earth” or GIA announcing her displeasure with the human race angry from the environmental impact caused by “Big Oil.” Late night radio talk shows like Coast-to-Coast-AM, have had callers suspect it could be UFO's beaming frequencies to earth, or extra-Dimensional beings causing the sound. Geologist have speculated that it could be caused by volcanic magna movement from within the crust of the earth.

Whether it is GIA, Space Aliens, Extra-Dimensional beings, all agree that if you are to label an intelligent source, the creators of “The Hum” are referred to as “Hummers”

A group of Paranormal Investigators, under the direction of Henri Peterson from the Canadian Paranormal Bureau of Investigations (CPBI), have triangulated reported “Hums,” and discovered an area of three square miles from where the sound originates.

“The process was rather simple once we gathered all the data,” said Peterson. “In light of the increased reports over the last three years, the droning sound has a concentrated area locatable on the globe. We pin-pointed it to a Latitude of 52.37403 and a Longitude 4.88969.”

It was reported that Peterson's team have been able to triangulate the sound's location; and with the help of high tech electronics and sound filters, they now know the type of sound the “Hummers” make.

“We now know that the origin of the sound is organic in nature and we have ruled out Aliens, GIA or even magma movement within the earth's crusts.” said Peterson, “However, we still cannot get a handle on the actual identity of the Hummers.”

"All we know so far is that the sound comes from a concentrated area of Amsterdam, North Holland and is more intense at the Dam Square, Nieuwmarkt, Leidse Square, Rembrandt Square and Waterloo Square.” said Peterson, “This area is known to the locals as the Red Light District.”

Peterson and his team are planning a trip to the area to experience the “Hum” for themselves. “For the sake of all those disenfranchised people, I am willing to verify their claims and get a hands-on experience.”

Photo: Some rights reserved by petter palander flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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UPDATE - SOLVED: Fish sex keeps Hampshire, England residents awake at night (CBC) - October 25th, 2013

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