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Hitler Cloning Discovered in Brazil

Real-Life "Boys of Brazil" Exposed.

(SNN) - Famous Nazi hunter Simon Yeagerthal has exposed a DNA lab and cloning operation in a remote area in the state of Rondônia, Brasil. The lab was discovered when Yeagerthal was hunting the infamous Nazi hitman and SS officer Josef Judenstötter.

“We thought we had cornered Judenstötter in a metal structure, when we heard yelling coming from a locked room.” said Yeagerthal, “The room had been chained, pad locked and welded shut. What we found inside chilled me to the bones.”

It was reported that the room led to an underground flat, where one child was found inside, screaming in a mash of Spanish and German. “He was very angry.” said Yeagerthal, “Judenstötter was nowhere to be found.”

Authorities have taken the child, who answers to the name of Adolfo.  Adolfo has been temporarily in the care of the Bernbaum family.

DNA testing has proven that Adolfo has 98.999 percent the same DNA markings as formar Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

“The child is a bit touched.” said Jeagerthal, “The boy goose steps all over his room, has grown a premature moustache, spouts unintelligible guttural phrases, and draws pictures of dogs on the walls of his cell.”

All the paper work and lab material has been destroyed and the complex was since been raized by Brazilian authorities. It is not known at this time how many, if any, Hitler clones are walking the streets.

Photo: Some rights reserved by khajavi flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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