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New RCMP Canine Unit used for John Stings.

Tackling the problem of Prostitution in Rural Areas.

(SNN) - The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are again one step ahead of the criminal with the implementation of a cutting edge law enforcement initiative. “Tackling prostitution is a risky business,” said Detective Bob Stadenko, “Every year our female members get assaulted posing as prostitutes in John stings. To change all that we have created the new John Canine Unit. (JCU)”

According to Stadenko, the JCU has been used in the more rural communities where the RCMP have most of their responsibilities. “Our first successes were scored in Vegreville, Alberta,” bragged Stadenko, “We put out two of our best bitches, Cagney and Lacey, in the bustling downtown strip on a Friday night. Before midnight we had the holding cells full of misguided farmer types.”

“Our most effective canine officer so far has been Lacey. Lacey is a good looking Golden Retriever, with quite a charming personality,” volunteered Stadenko. “I have worked with Lacey before on other stings and a few stake-outs. She's a real professional.”

Since the implementation of the JCU, other police services have taken notice. It was reported that the Calgary Police Service has shown interest in having a test run in their red light district.

Unfortunately, the unit has come under the attention of animal rights activists claiming that the use of canines to attract men looking for sex, falls under the definition of animal cruelty. “I think it's just sick,” said Mitzy Hunden, an SPCA spokesperson, “Just look at them, they dress them up all sexy, and then dangle them out trolling for horny men. This has got to stop.” 

In Canada, Section 212(1)(a) of the Criminal Code prohibits soliciting a person for illicit sexual intercourse. The offence carries the liability of imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years.

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