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WHO Issues Marijuana Warning Label

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(SNN) - The World Health Organization has created a warning label to help people make informed choices when buying their weed. Since most retailers use non-governmental labeling and packaging practices, mostly just zip-lock baggies, the group has endeavored to fill the vacuum of information created by the grass-roots retail model popular with the herb. Here it is in its entirety. Please print and affix to every baggie of pot you buy to be compliant with WHO practices.

May cause euphoria, feelings of well-being, laughter and possible silliness. Other side effects include dry-mouth, redness in the eyes, and interest in video games. The drug has been known to induce indolence, dilatory behavior, indifference and apathy, though most don’t care about that. In laboratory studies, a small percentage of subjects have experienced headaches, coughing and snorty giggles. The drug increased paranoia in a moderate percentage of the test animals, although it was mostly over being busted by the cops. Use of marijuana has been associated with drowsiness, especially if taken in conjunction with the Golf Channel.

Do not operate vehicles or dangerous machinery or even get out of your recliner to see what’s in the fridge. Do not go grocery shopping on marijuana or you will end up with cartloads of empty calories. Avoid the drug prior to important meetings unless it is commonplace to drift off for a while, like the Senate.

Although “freaking out” is rare, it has happened to people who bought too many cards at bingo when they try and keep up with the caller.  Do not inject or it may cause stems in the arm.

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