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Queen Liz Wins Big On Baby Name Pool

Accused of Having Insider Information

(SNN) - Queen Elizabeth II, matriarch of the wacky Royals clan, has won over $8.4 million through a wager with a Vegas betting house. The regent had sent an anonymous intermediate to place the wager and the gaming house is currently under fire for not checking the major player out thoroughly before the money was awarded.

“I am tickled pink to have won all that money of those foolish commoners,” giggled the Queen to palace insiders. I just love pieces of paper with my picture on them. It is terribly convenient to use as ID.”
Veteran Royal Watcher Poncy Cheekybottom was not surprised by the Queen’s audacious move.

“Although the Royal Family is an inbred lot, there is a great deal of caginess about them,” Cheekybottom relayed in an exclusive interview with The Sage. “I half expected her to force Kate to go with a real long-shot name like ‘Adolph’ just to get the 6 million to 1 odds.”

When asked to comment, Buckingham Palace spokesman, Chauncey Apple-Crispe, was blunt.

“Her Majesty won the money according to the published rules of the gaming house. The only people who were mentioned in the rules as being disqualified from playing were gaming house employees and their families. There was nothing about the ‘Queen of the Commonwealth’.”

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