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Royal Baby Flees To Russia

Hired Law Firm While Still In Womb

(SNN) - A lawyer for the soon-to-be named high profile baby of England’s Prince William and his wife, Kate, has announced that his client is fleeing the endless scrutiny and lack of privacy the wee one faces by seeking asylum in Russia. The baby is currently being taken care of in the same terminal waiting area as Edward Snowden.

Snowden has not made contact with the Royal Heir as yet, since the American claims he doesn't mind being a fugitive for the rest of his life; but “there's no way he's going to change poopy diapers for the fruit of some royalty's loins.”

"Each person must set the limit as to what they will and will not do for their country," said Snowden via WikiLeaks. "Squalling brats are my line in the sand."

The legal counsel for the new-born, F. U. Bailey, of the well-regarded firm, Bailey, Daly, Hailey and Goldberg, produced documents verifying the solicitor now has power-of-attorney for his client, including documents signed by the heir-to-the-throne, as well as a plaster of Paris handprint the precocious lad already made in Prince School.

Concerning the grave politics surrounding his flight from Britain and the pain and anguish he is causing the royal family, the infamous infant remained silent, apart from some happy gurgling.

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