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Baby's expected birth draws large crowd at hospital.

Child's birth is truly a regal event.

(SNN) – A large crowd of people are gathered outside the doors of a city hospital in expectation of the birth of a baby. The happy couple, Dick and Jane Correr, arrived at the hospital at 5:00 AM, MST. Jane has been in labour for ten hours, as the excited crowd gathers.

"Looking around, the crowd has really grown. Even now there are more people arriving as I speak to you," said TV Reporter Ida Schpeck, "You've got rubberneckers, you've got baby fans who have shown up, and the media presence is unbelievable. There's a lot of buzz down here as people await word that this baby has been born."

“This is great fun,” said one onlooker. “A few minutes ago, I saw Dick run into the hospital carrying an overnight bag. I think the baby is coming!”

It was reported that when the crowd spotted Dick running towards the hospital, people started shouting, “Run Dick run!”

As the parking lot filled with approximately a thousand people, police were called in for crowd control. “Folks really get jazzed up when couples have babies.” said Constable Bob, “This crowd is sure having fun with Dick and Jane.”

Following tradition, a birth notice will be taken from the hospital to the census department, where it will be entered into a database, listing details such as weight, gender and time of birth.

This news has been long awaited by the media which has been staked outside the hospital for weeks.

In preparation, the hospital set up a media scrum for reporters and cameras across the alley from the hospital’s entrance.

This will be the first child for Dick and Jane, who shacked up last May at Shady Lane Condos. The child will be third in line to the Dick and Jane's Amway business.

“The birth of any child is really a special event.” said one onlooker.

Photo: Some rights reserved by miggslives flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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