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Dateline: 2023 - Obama Confirms Aliens At Roswell

'No Sense Denying It Any Longer'

(SNN) - Former U.S. President Barack Obama has shocked the nation with an account in his presidential memoirs that there are indeed alien cadavers being meticulously studied at the infamous “Area 51” near Roswell, NM. The first Hawaiian-born president has provided a detailed description of his initial ultra-secret visit to the area, shortly after his inauguration in his first term.

“The feeling of seeing those other-world bodies hit me like a ton of bricks,” the presidential author revealed in the tome. “I was absolutely speechless. Of course, I didn’t have my teleprompter there.”

The book has sold extremely well, in fact the entire print run was bought up before they hit the shelves, although no one seems to own a copy. Obama was unavailable for comment as he has since disappeared since the book was released. Officials with the government assure the public he is just laying low which is what they heard you’re supposed to do after getting a blockbuster book published.

“We are not sure why former President Obama would inject fiction into an otherwise factual account of his presidencies,” claimed White House spokesman Miguel Gonzalez. “However, we theorize it has to do with marijuana flashbacks from when he was in college.”

Although the book was quite profitable, the publisher, Double Penguin Day, has said there will not be a second printing. When asked to explain why not, the company refused to comment.

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