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Man-Breasts Becoming Chic

Moobs Popularity Expanding Like North American Waistlines

(SNN) - Man-boobs, once looked on with scorn and derision are becoming a sign of sexiness, recent polls report. In the past these seemingly misplaced, soft, fleshy orbs have been associated with laziness, gluttony and ingestion of certain herbs that cause laziness and gluttony. Now, however, after perhaps centuries in the cultural closet, “mannary glands” are suddenly cool.

“Seeing moobs on a guys really turns me on,” admitted lingerie model, Sally (not her real name – for her real name, send $10.00 in care of The Sage) “I don’t know what it is about them that does it for me; maybe the jiggling part.”

“Oh yeah, man-breasts are the best,” giggled Sadie (Her real name is Sally.) “When I was younger I thought they were gross; like floppy bags of skin Jello, but I realize now it is a sign of wealth, power and prestige. Just talking about them makes me tingly!”

Health Canada has weighed in the subject warning men that the presence of “protruding male breasts’ can be a sign of impending ill health and should be avoided.

“Our fear is that young men will use drugs to acquire these unhealthy affectations,” explained spokesperson, Dr. Ivana Chesterfield. “Already appetite stimulants are popular in mainstream drug culture in North America. This problem will only get worse if the so-called ‘moobment’ grows.”

A series of documentaries showing the dangers of moobs was planned for shooting in May until it was pointed out the last thing these guys need is a another reason to sit around and watch TV.

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