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Bonanna Family Faces New Array of Charges

Crime Boss "da Goob" threatens witnesses.

(SNN) - An organized crime family went before the courts in New York this week on several racketeering charges plus an array of other offences which included: murder, extortion, loan-sharking and union control, to name a few.

Mikey “da Goob” Bonanna along with nine other co-defendants sat through ten hours of testimony as one former member of the mob after another spun a tail of crime, debauchery and ill-gotten gain.

“He done did it,” was a cry from Mikey's former live-in lover Fulvia "Itchy" Chlamydavello, “da Goob, made Dicky “da Probe” Trojannio and Joey “da Lip” Herpavezza hold me down until I gave him what he wanted.” The courts heard that “da Probe” and the “da Lip” disappeared into a nightclub, and did not return until both came out struggling with Itchy.

Former mob enforcer, Max “da Pad” Tamponelli, testified that he was ordered to detain Itchy in a remote warehouse for forty-eight hours, while “da Probe”, “da Lip” and Nicky “da Stiff” Vaginnoso beat a New York businessman, Robert Smith, to within an inch of his life. “da Goob wanted Itchy to suffer, see, she had been bedding down Smith right under da Goob's nose, see.” said Tamponelli.

The District Attorney asked Tamponelli, “Did you see Mr. Bonanna do anything to Smith or Fulvia?” to which da Pad replied, “Ya, da Goob, done did it.”

“How did he done him?” asked the District Attorney.

“da Goob had the da Probe, with da Stiff, use da Lip to done do him.” The court heard, according to Tamponelli, “done do him” is mob code for kill.

The court had to be recessed when “da Goob” jumped out of his chair and threatened Tamponelli and Itchy yelling, “Traitors, ya bunch of bastards, I'm gonna done do ya in the end!”

The trial continues in six months with further testimony from Butts “Anal” Leacaggio and businessman Tony “Bagals” Vagicilli.

Photo:  Some rights reserved by Jack W. Pearce flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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