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Canadian Euphemisms for Sex

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(SNN) - On Canada Day, it is appropriate for our fellow citizens to wax poetic and philosophic on the spirit and soul of this great nation. However, since we, as a people, are an inappropriate bunch at the best of times, rather than get blubbery about their love of Queen and Country, we were tweeting mirthful, creative jokes about ourselves and our cultural icons.

#canadiansexeuphemisms became the go-to twitter feed for insightful, inside jokes about everyone from Stephen Harper to Don Cherry. Here are some of the best Canadian euphemisms for sex ever:

Todd Van Allen ‏@heyitstva4h
Draining the 2-4

Mark Forward ‏@Mark_Forward3h
Petering your Mans bridge.

Jason Markusoff ‏@markusoff3h
The Log Driver's Waltz

Brent Butt ‏@BrentButt3h
Toe In The Crease

* meh * ‏@wwaazzaap1h
Skinnamarinky dinky dink 

Aron Papernick ‏@Paperboy41633m
Performing (or receiving) an "Edmund Fitzgerald"

Chris Klein ‏@cd_klein19m
Being directed to the wrong polling location

Barbara_W ‏@Barbara_Wheel21m
Paying off the student loan

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