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VIDEO: "For Canmore" - The Noisy Locomotive

(SNN) - This song was inspired by the flooding events of southern Alberta that have taken lives and caused terrific damage to private and public property. Alberta currenty has over 25 states of emergency declared throughout the province. 

I feature the video here in support. You may find this rather heartwarming.  Thanks go out to the group "The Noisy Locomotive" for this video. This was posted in YouTube with the following commentary from the band. "

"After seeing the images coming out of Alberta of a great flood that's come following days of incessant rainfall in the area, we grew a bit concerned. We wrote this song—using a borrowed melody from "Worried Mary," an old traditional tune—for all our friends, and everyone else living in Canmore and the Bow Valley. Stay strong, folks."

Please consider making a donation through the Canadian Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.


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