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Hotdogging With Justin Trudeau Priced At $999*

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(SNN) Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is quite a prize. Literally. The Liberal Party is raffling off a barbecue dinner with the politician which they valued at $999. Given that this represents less than 5% of his regular appearance fee, don’t bet on getting steak. Rather, you can expect generic hotdogs on the menu

“So, if JT’s normal price tag for a group such as, I don’t know, let’s say some worthy charity, is $20,000,“ wondered  government attack dog, John Baird, “what does it say about the man that when it’s for the Liberals, he’s only worth $999? MP’s are worth 96% less than public speakers? Or Is this like one of them Walmart rollbacks?”

The Leader of the Opposition, Thomas Mulcair seemed confused by the prize structure,

“Let me get this straight,” frowned Muclair. “People are supposed to go for a barbecue with Trudeau and they don’t get to keep the $999? Frankly, you couldn’t pay me enough.  He’s a good cook, though, I’ll give him that. I should know, too, since I’ve eaten his lunch often enough.”

To enter the contest, Trudeau is hoping people will buy $5.00 memberships to the Liberal Party. The fine print on the website does admit there is no purchase necessary, however, to conform to Canadian laws; something the party has been trying to get used to.

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