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Marc Garneau Announces Release of Music Album

'It Worked For Hadfield...'

(SNN) - Marc Garneau, former astronaut, ex-Space Agency chief and current Member of Parliament for Westmount Ville-Marie is releasing a music record. Stealing a page from fellow spaceman, Chris Hadfield’s playbook on how to gain viral Internet popularity, the Montreal-based politician is hoping it will vault his political career skyward , at least high enough for him to be seen in Justin Trudeau’s political machine’s rear-views.

The Sage caught up with Garneau, who is on location in Baie de Ha! Ha! He is filming videos that will be released in conjunction with the recording album.

In the conversation, Garneau was asked what was the impetus for the recording sessions. In response, Garneau was quite candid.

“I was thinking how, in a way, I feel like how the Beach Boys must have felt when they were producing great work and should have been the top of the charts but were punted by the Beatles. No act in history could have withstood the power of their arrival. When I was in the Liberal leadership race, l could have cured cancer, stopped war, solved poverty and made the rest of Canada love and respect the governance of Quebec and still the media would have focused on Justin’s latest hairdo. It is like the only reporters in this country that follow politics, work for Entertainment Tonight Canada.”

“That’s when it came to me that cutting this record will change all that,” continued Garneau animatedly. “By reaching out to my constituents and my countrymen in this way, I can expand the demographic that will hear my messages of reasoned approaches to good government. I will no longer be seen as a boring policy wonk but an exciting vibrant individual like that lucky bugger Hadfield. I will still leave my own stylistic stamp on my music, though’ here’s a bit from my first cut. Hang on; let me grab my ukulele… It’s called “Balancing the Budget Blues”.

We must slash the public sector
Because our fiscal vector
Is pointing to our toes
and not up to our nose.

We must slash the public service
Cuz they sure do not deserve us
They’re just a bunch of jerks
who enjoy such massive perks.

Garneau is considering a follow-up album of Francophone music with covers of songs made popular by Francois Perusse, Claude Francois, Frankie Avalon and Frank Zappa.

Photo by: Marcus Taylor flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed

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